Leadership Skill: Focus



If you were to get your busy managers to list the attributes that they think makes an exceptional leader, very few would list Focus as an attribute. Yet, I think it is a foundation of achievement and success. Without Focus, you are lost. It is the role of an effective leader to direct attention where it is most needed. We can do this with searching questions that challenge conventional thinking.

What do I mean by Focus?

It is the ability to zero in on the important issues, rather than just all the “busy work” that confronts all successful managers. Important issues are usually those that are unseen, just over the horizon of our current view.

What are the Benefits of Focus?

If you can surround yourself with people with this attribute, then you will have a team that is committed, willing to learn and have bundles of resilience when things aren’t going to plan. Focus means having a goal to zero in on.

How do you spot someone who has Focus?

Quite simply, they are someone who has a record of achievement in one area or more. This can be in the person’s personal life, with a long record of involvement in a charitable cause, or someone who has an outstanding skill in any area (musical instrument, acting, martial arts, etc). Someone with Focus also has goals and things they want to achieve in the future.

How Can You Improve the Focus of Your Team?

Motivation is the key to Focus. If we have a lack of time, this will drive up the energy required for success. Energy and enthusiasm produces compelling and attractive momentum for your initiatives for improving Focus.

Decide who you want to be as a team.

What you want to be known for and work through how you will start to achieve this.

Devise a compelling short term and medium term goal with your team and focus on that.

Developing Focus for yourself and your team will drive up results and improve the work environment for everyone.

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3 Responses to Leadership Skill: Focus

  1. Shell says:

    Great post, Mervyn. I enjoyed your tips for developing focus as a team. Focus is one of my words of the year – something I am working hard to implement in my own life, as I tend to “focus” on many things, which really means I am not “focusing” on any one thing. This year, I am narrowing down my line of sight and ensuring that where I spend my time is worthy of my attention. This, sir, was definitely worthy of my time. Thank you for sharing! ~Shell

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