How To Show Class

Slide1The picture shows Phil Mickelson turning up at Calloway Golf HQ in California in the week after winning the most famous and prestigious tournament in the world. You will notice a few things about this picture, I am sure. What really makes this an outstanding picture is the relaxed manner of his entry into the building. You might think I’m talking about his dress code here, but I’m not.

What struck me was his smile, his wide, beaming smile. And who can blame him? From nowhere and no how, he shuffled up from the pack to deal a winning blow on the final hole to grasp the title and put yet another trophy on the shelf.

There is more to this photo than meets the eye. Phil didn’t have to drop by his sponsor: they understood that he had already done his job by winning a Major Golf Tournament using their product. He could’ve gone about his business afterwards, sure in the knowledge that he could command even more sponsorship after this glorious event.

Here’s what I got from this impromptu visit:

How To Show Class

Showing class should not be that difficult, however there are very few people in lofty positions in our society who practise the art of class. You can show true class by doing these things and more:

Get closer to people

Stop believing that being aloof from your team helps discipline and productivity. You now the sort of dialogue that leads to distance from people: “familiarity breeds contempt” Getting closer to people means letting them see the real you, your passion for excellence and your delight in the achievements of others.

Share the Glory

Phil didn’t drop by to show himself off to everyone. He wanted everyone to hold the Claret Jug Trophy that comes with the win: The real star of the whole show. He understood that everyone involved in golf would be delighted to get a hand on this famous Caret Jug. Phil delivered this, not his ego.

Be Specific in Your Gratitude

Everyone plays his or her part in the win, that’s easy to say. To single out one group for special praise, citing the good reasons why they are singled out, now that isn’t an easy skill. Phil did this smoothly and with ease. His praise of the hard work and dedication of the Calloway engineers will live long in their memories. You cannot buy that sort of motivation, which is priceless and full of class.

Show the person behind the Suit

We can get carried away with how things look, our image. People like to look their best, that’s natural. However we should also be mindful enough to demonstrate our natural side, as well as our professional face. Many years ago when living at home with my parents in Brighton, I was just getting ready to go out to work for my first day as a salesman. My dad said ” You look smart son! Don’t forget to show the man behind the suit.”

It takes real class to take a step back to allow everyone else their moment in the sun in the middle of personal triumph, however we can all do it, if only we are mindful enough to know it is not about us at all, it is about the team that got you there.

Have a great week and take care

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2 Responses to How To Show Class

  1. themantisshrimp says:

    This a really great article. Thank you. I would agree with everything you said, especially “Get Closer to People” and “Be Specific in Your Gratitude.” I’ve seen too many leaders hide behind their desks or their titles, nearly afraid of creating and promoting greatness. Familiarity will never breed contempt, for we hold contempt only for the things that both elude and annoy us.

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