Some Just Get Wet

Slide1“Some people feel the rain. Some just get wet.” Bob Marley

Emotional Intelligence isn’t just for our work. We could use E.I. to become aware of the quality of the life we already have. By thinking about and dealing effectively with the tension of “The Now” and “The Future”, we can aspire to being grateful for the life we have made and the delights of a future that our work and relationships will bring.

Bob Marley understood that some people sleepwalk their way through life, thinking about the future all the time, but not experiencing the-here-and-now. Being aware of the present is a skill that needs our attention. I cannot say that I am always “present” when I should have been, however I can resolve to be “in the moment” more often and with gratitude for the pleasure that simple things can give.

Here are some ideas to be more present and in “The Now”.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Mentally run through all the relationships you are grateful for and all the things you are blessed with. Just by doing this, we can bring ourselves into this moment, right now.

Notice the Detail

We can skip over the details of our everyday life, not realising the beauty that surrounds us. I like summer in the UK, because of all the colours and smells of summer. The light warm breeze against my skin sets me up for the day and energises me for the drama of my day.

Smile more

Emotions are catching. When we are in a bad mood, the people around us can catch this like a virus and become downcast and offbeat. If we smile more, we send out a signal to the world that we are happy, approachable and nice. With this, we attract good things and people into our lives. Our team members will pick up on the good vibrations and respond accordingly.

You will be surprised by the change you feel within. You will be more energised and open to new ideas. Relationships will become deeper and more meaningful.

Aren’t they great reasons to be more “in the now”?

Have a great week!

About Mervyn Murray

International Leadership and Organisation Development Professional. Using a coaching style to support you every step of the way. Inspirational event speaker and father of 2.
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