Confidence Tricks

Confidence Tricks
Every single one of us has found ourselves in a situation that has challenged our confidence and shrunk our positivity of a good result down to the size of a pea. Perhaps it’s easy for us to minimise the scale of the issues faced by others, however it’s not so easy when it is us that is in the firing line if things don’t go to plan!

So here are my confidence tricks to help you overcome those nervous situations when we think that everything is on the line!

Nerves are good
Being nervous means that you care. Nerves demonstrate that you are truly alive and operating at the peak of your powers. Notice how alive you feel. Isn’t this what everyday should be like? High tension, delivering your best performance, this is the very stuff of a vibrant life worth living! Nerves are good: let them be your friend!

The Success Tape
Any recruiter will tell you to “Play the success tape” in your mind before a big meeting, such as a big negotiation. Allow your mind to sift through all of your achievements and create a sensory-based link to each and every win. Access how you were feeling at the moment of achieving that big order, or the job of your life! Wallow in the glory of it all and notice how your chest is just a little more proud. Then your mind will be primed and filled with confidence that you’re a successful achiever. Your behaviour will ooze confidence and credibility.

Ask Yourself The Right Question
Being self-aware means stepping back and out of the situation you are in and asking yourself the right question. Questions such as: What, specifically is making me nervous? What is it about this situation that I find daunting? Is being this nervous a resourceful state for me, or is there a more appropriate emotional state for this situation, for me? What would be a better emotional state and can I access that state now? Writing your thoughts down gets them out of your head. Words don’t intimidate as much as they did inside your mind!

Fake it
Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that are not of our making, however we are left holding the can! If everything else has failed to raise your spirits and boost your confidence, then try this:

Fake it, ‘til you make it

Your brain will supply the required mood if you think you are confident, if you act like you are confident, then you will look like you are confident. It really is that easy!

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1 Response to Confidence Tricks

  1. Peter says:

    Nerves are indeed good. They drive us forward. The secret: surf them, don’t swim them

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