I’ve Crumbled!

I’ve Crumbled!
I’ve tried really hard not to do this. It’s not like there is a gap in the market, but I feel compelled to write about it. Like someone trying to avoid the fridge on a diet. I’ve found it impossible. I have to give in to this craving, like a thirsty man arriving at the desert oasis and throw myself into the water.

I’m talking about the Olympics. I didn’t want to do it because there’s enough out there about the Olympics already. What on this earth, could I add to all that’s been said? And then I had another thought. If I let this moment pass, this major event that will not be repeated in my lifetime and don’t say anything at all, then I am failing as a writer. So, here it is, without apology, my take on the Olympics and Leadership.

London2012 And Leadership
Managing complex projects takes bucket-loads of courage to see it through to the end successfully. There was no shortage of people telling the Government and anyone else who would listen, of the waste of £9.5bn! Being courageous won’t win you many friends, but your team will be thankful. Courage is everything in the face of continuous discouragement from uninformed outsiders.

Vision Wins
The vision of London2012 was to have a legacy and there were some tough rules that they set for themselves, which they used to guide actions throughout the building phase.
This vision won through all the complexity, politics, budget-cuts, media hype, and public concern. Having a compelling vision trumps any cards stakeholders have to block or stop your project. A compelling vision is the key motivator for people when the leadership isn’t around to ensure the work gets done. Passion comes from vision, not the other way around. The key is that knowing that what I do makes a difference, regardless of my role.

Leadership is Key
Lord Coe has taken most of the applause and rightly so. It was he who built the guiding team. He kept the politics away from the creative arts to ensure the Opening Ceremony was the very best we could deliver. It was his team that ensured that the stadiums and arenas created the very best conditions for superb performances. If we’d got this step wrong, I dread to think how it all would’ve turned out. Nice job Seb, I mean, Lord Coe. (bow)

They said:
Londoners would be un-welcoming
People wouldn’t be happy to volunteer for no pay
They would be hard to train
They were totally wrong! People love to be involved when they know what they do really matters.

The Games Makers made me feel proud to be British. I also know that Brazilians will be keen to be just as giving when their turn comes around.
You may not have The Olympics to deliver, however your customers demand high performance from you and your team.
So, how many of you put courage on your list of competencies?
Do you have a compelling vision that is shared by everyone?

How involved are your people in what they do and do they know why it matters?

Have your best week ever
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